Pretty little liars Aria
Aria secretly invites Ezra to a Basia Goldsmith exhibit!
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Hmm....Aria.... she could be.

I wanna thank OMGSarahsays for wonderful ideas!

Fandom: PLL
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Coloring:Uhmm.. mine??
Hmm....Aria.... she could be.

I wanna thank OMGSarahsays for wonderful ideas!

Program: Sony Vegas
Coloring:Uhmm.. mine??
"You still get my heart racing for you."

Hey all! I'm back and with a brand new Pretty Little Liars vid for you! Are you guys as excited as I am that PLL is back? I'm SUPER excited and so obsessed with this show that I had to make a new vid about it!

This vid is all about Aria and Ezra, one of my OTPs! Aww, I loved the 1x01 and 3x01 parallels between them, so I tried to show those parallels as much as possible to show that they're meant to be! Ezria will never stop loving each other and they
Pretty Little Liars costume designer Mandi Line discusses the inspiration behind Aria's look.

sorry I had a problem this is not the entire video so I put another video go check on my channel

i already made a video of them but this is with the footage of episode 2! i hope you like it! i love aria and ezra!!!

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Pretty Little Liars 4X18 ►►

Your full preview of next week's Pretty Little Liars -- I've got clips, spoilers and the official PROMO!

O.M.G PLL fans --- like I told you last week, Spencer did in fact tell Emily and Hanna about Ezra... but, when and how will they tell Aria? I will get to that right after you watch the promo for next week's brand new BLACK AND WHITE episode -- take a look:

The episode looks pretty
Pretty Little Liars 2x20 Sneak Peek #5 Aria Holden<br/><br/>
#AriaFindsOut finds out the truth about Ezra, and it's shocking.

Pretty Little Liars - Aria Finds Out- "Free Fall" [4x20]

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My first PLL's video and my first video in months. Hoping this doesn't get blocked but if you can see it, I hope you like it,

enjoy . I'll upload the scenes from episode 6 next week . please sub for more video<br/><br/>
— Watch more scenes from "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"/[3x21] here:<br/><br/>
The New sneak-peek of Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special, 3x13 This is a Dark Ride.
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a video about Noel and Aria's relationship! enjoy! =) TEAM NOEL!
Noel Kahn: Brant Daugherty
Aria Montgomery: Lucy Hale<br/><br/>
— Watch more scenes from the episode "Eye of the Beholder"/2x23 here:<br/><br/>
Ezra thanks his class for their gift and says goodbye to them; Aria runs after Ezra and they kiss in the school parking lot.
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Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars (PLL).

Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery
Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz
Fandom: Pretty Little Liars (a couple clips from the Season 2 2x01 It's Alive epi, but mostly Season 1)

Yay, I am SO excited Pretty Little Liars is back! The season 2 premiere was as exciting and mysterious as I hoped it'd be, and we got to see a shirtless Mr. Fitz! ;)

As I told you guys before, I love Aria and Ezra, so I decided they'd be the next PLL couple I'd vid, but I'
song by christina perri a thousand years ( i dont own anything) comment your thoughts please

Caleb is mad that Hanna is spending so much time with Mona; Aria doesn't want to tell Ella about the situation of Byron and Meredith; Spencer wants to know the truth about Melissa; The girls find out the identity of the Black Swan.

Heyy!!!!!!! So I drew Lucy Hale as you can see.. not my best but it looks good in real also I spent 9 Hours on it wow big time!!!!! anyways please subscribe , like and comment tell me what you think! much love. Thanks for support and love! xo, Ganna.<br/><br/>
Noel and Aria moments in episodes 9 and 10.

'Pretty Little Liars' star Ian Harding talks potential Ezra, Alison, Aria season 5 love triangle. Subscribe!

Starring Ian Harding

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This video contains my top five Aria and Ezra moments from season one of Pretty Little Liars.

5) I Would Never Want to do Anything to Get You in Trouble: This was an interesting time in the beginning of Aria and Ezra's relationship. I like this moment because even though they both know that taking their romantic relationship any farther would lead to large problems for both of them, they can't stay away from each other. Their connection is too much for either of them to ignore.

4) I Could Get
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Love this song and this couple ♥
AHFJAHJEUI I don't believe yet that they broke up! they were soo cute together, but everything went wrong after Malcom appeared, and I'm so...AGGGH!
Ezra's brother looks good, but come on, first with one brother and after with the other? come on, Ezra and Aria have to end up together, are meant to be!! in my opinion.

Comment, I want to know your opinions!!
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» группа посвящена самой красивой паре на телевидении.
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» группа посвящена самой красивой паре на телевидении.
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Lucy Hale 'Aria Montgomery' 2014 PaleyFest - "Pretty Little Liars"
March 16, 2014 - Dolby Theatre - Hollywood, California, United States
Please, watch in 1080p :)
Fandom: Pretty Little Liars
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The extended scene of Aria and Wesley's chat in tonight's episode, Dead To Me. Abc Family owns the video.

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Моя любимая пара. Хочу,чтобы они были вместе :с
My top 10 Ezria moments :)

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— Watch more scenes from "Keep Your Friends Close"/[1x10] here:<br/><br/>
UPDATE; 4/24/12
thank every single one of you who commented. you guys inspire me to edit i NEVER imagined one of my PLL videos would get 2,000+ views 33 likes. it's honestly amazing. the coloring on this video is terrible, so i'm glad everyone's looked passed that imperfection. again, thanks so much for all your kind words :)
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for ONCE i actually like a video i've made!! :) i hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy monday :) i probably won't be making videos this week until
Part 2


Please excuse my head lol. This tutorial is only for fun! I know that she is young and doesn't need makeup at all. She is simply my model. :)
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— Watch more scenes from "My Name is Trouble"/[2x03] here:

HD! I don't own anything all rights to abc family and warner bros. entertainment! This is the scene where Aria sees Alison, they talk, and then Aria walks up to see that she is locked in her room. It's from season 3 episode 16 of Pretty Little Liars which aired on 1-22-2013. Subscribe to me so you know when I upload clips :) If you have a specific scene you want in HD then request it in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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This is the second video of my Get the Look series inspired by the characters of the hit ABC Family television show, Pretty Little Liars.
Today's video is Aria Montgomery. Be on the look out for my upcoming videos of Spencer, Emily and Allison!

I really hope you enjoy and thank you SO SO much for watching :)

Get the Look: Hanna Marin:

Get the Look: Spencer Hastings

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