Assembling your own furniture, after you have brought it home from the showroom, is a nightmare for many people.

So, what if flat-pack furniture was smart enough to assemble itself?

Belgian designer and engineer Carl de Smet is experimenting with a kind of smart foam technology, which he believes could do just that.

Once heated to a set temperature, the material he works with, shape memory polyurethane (SMPU), will expand to a given design.

Currently working with scaled-down mode
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So I saw this match yesterday and I though I would share it :)

Altered version of the M H Band cover of the classic instrumental hit from 1969 by Gershon Kingsley. The text in the song falsely states Kraftwerk....
Реально поднимает настроение! Маленькая девочка просто в диком восторге от собаки, поедающей попкорн!
Короткий Метр
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In this ridiculously requested video, Gav and Dan show you what popcorn looks like when it... pops. Keep hands and eyes clear of the oil, boys.

Shot at 2500fps and 10000fps with a Phantom Flex highspeed camera.

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Collins Key gets Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel involved in his magic act!

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Znana wszystkim kompozycja, wielokrotnie przerabiana. Popcorn w wersji okrojonej.
New fuel source, more experimenting. I will make them available to the public in the future as well as make a tutorial video explaining all of the research that has gone into the design/effect. This is footage of the Poi and Staff prototypes. Much more work to be done:-)

Music: Blackmill
Song: Miracle

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Track name: Tinman - From Anotha Place

[ORIGINAL VIDEO] Rihanna at 2013 VMA's Throws popcorn! She keep dancin like nothing happened. #VMAs http://www.socialmediamosh.com/
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Rihanna & her popcorn and Harry & his orange. Gotta love the popstars these days
LMAO she is fucking hilarious

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концерт в Popcorne 08.01.2014
Кирилл Комаров, Дмитрий Фомичев.
Хорошая была группа!
We like Popcorn Sutton's and we like making videos. So we decided to create some fan commercials for this great beverage: Popcorn Sutton's: Tennessee White Whiskey

It's a secret...

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Buy it!! Pre Order Album!! http://www.noizegallerymusic.com/ New Chief Kamachi "REVOLT SEVEN" ft JOHNNY POPCORN Prod.Hezekiah Support Indie Music http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/noize-gallery-studio/x/1555449
From The New Album "RADIO RAHEEM" Prod. Hezekiah Summer 2013

Salty Popcorn (www.saltypopcorn.com) is Australia's leading online film review.
The Salty team caught up with the star cast of of the film at the Australian Premiere at Sydney's George St Cinemas.
Adam Shearsby has the story. Interview with Gemma Arterton, Gretel

@ The Real Coachella @ The Trunk Space in Phoenix, Arizona!

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extra would you rather questions! GOAT SEX BUTT POPCORN... oh god.
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classic of Popcorn by Mflex remake from 2nd free album

Joy and share it the whole World from Mflex's Sounds with Love!
Download & and more infos:

Aimoon - Popcorn (Single)

01. Popcorn (Original Mix)
02. Popcorn (Radio Edit)

Label: Quadrocore Recordings
Cat. #: QC009
Format: Digital (MP3, Wav)
Country: RU
Release Date: 15.03.2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech Trance, Progressive

After a long quiet, Quadrocore Recordings presents the ninth release.

At this time, Quadrocore co-owner and our resident Alexander Golyshev (Aimoon), pleased to present his new work called "Popcorn".
This track
MLP FiM My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Season 4
Discord - I'm going to need more popcorn! - Season 4 Promo
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZacPOD-zCE

A metal version of the song "popcorn".

Played on the LTD/ESP Ninja 600 (Signatur Model Michael Amott / Arch Enemy) Guitar.

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Pop-Explosion Gala 1993<br/><br/>
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Written Directed by Julian Smith

Cinematography by:

Julian Smith Justin Johns ( http://youtube.com/popfriction )

Cast: Jeffery Dallas Stewart Gately

Popcorn's Time Выпуск # 2. Всем известные - Nicki Minaj , PSY , Fall Out Boy - Все вместе??? Popcorn's Time - Release # 2 - Nicki Minaj , PSY, Fall Out Boy - Аll Тogether???

Caspina's Tesla Coil plays Popcorn

Live in Ekaterinburg | Разогрев Sum 41

Popcorn... everywhere... just... all over.

Video de "Que Puedo Decir" de popcorn.

Das Lied wurde in FL-Studio 10 gemacht das Video mit C4d
This is the English version of the popcorn ad featuring characters from DreamWorks' "How to Train Your Dragon." I have had this video for a while after seeing it on YouTube. Then only the English version was removed for some reason. Well, now, I'm re-uploading it for your viewing pleasure!

P.S.: The audio quality is a little bit rusty. I apologize for any inconvenience.

When you ask Dey Dos what he does, he simply says "I'm an awesome human popcorn machine." And if you are curious enough to keep on inquiring he may go on explaining what that means to him. At TEDxUniTN he will be sharing his perspectives in what he calls "popcorning." He is co-founder of Beautiful Individuals, a social construction that enables co-generated learning spaces to come to life in wonderful retreats, enabling participants to start operating from more powerful and beautiful sources of action. Dey
In entirety - the original cult classic that made moonshiner Popcorn Sutton famous. Filmed and released in 2002. Remastered in 2012. (Currently being run on The Documentary Channel as "The Last Run.")

produced by Neal Hutcheson
with Popcorn Sutton, JB Rader, Bill Millsaps, Abigail Moore, Floyd Sutton, Cookie Woods, Gene Morefield.


Popcorn Sutton had made a home movie of himself making moonshine in 1998, which he sold on VHS tape out of his Maggie Va
James Brown performs Mother Popcorn.
Learn Zlatan Ibrahimovic Popcorn Flick | Tricks & Freestyle
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music: Bang Bang by Reemo UnstabLe
Original Song "Popcorn" by Gershon Kinglsey (1969)

Taken from the newest Review of the Nostalgia Critic, I do not own this video.

In 2009, legendary mountain moonshiner Popcorn Sutton sold an undercover ATF agent hundred of jars of moonshine. When the agent returned to buy more, he brought a posse of state and federal agents with him. Popcorn was sentenced to prison for making and selling his illegal "likker." But instead of serving time in a penitentiary, he chose to end his own life. Singer-songwriter Ali Randolph immortalized Popcorn's life in a song that she first performed at his memo
IMG * Arctic Laser Popcorn shows how to pop popcorn with Arctic Spyder III lasers sold by Wicked Lasers. S3 III Krypton laser video: http://d.ro/kryptondominoes More vids → http://d.ro/lasers ← of lasers by WorldScott.com / IMG *
*Purchase link removed* per YouTube policy.

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Disclosure: Wicked Lasers provided me with two lasers and hired me to craft this video for them demonstrating their product's capability. The
"Вторник" 7:18
James McAvoy: I think that, um, the sexiness of his character comes across so, so brilliantly.
Michael Fassbender: Thanks.
James McAvoy: Not that I’m drawn to that.
Michael Fassbender: A little bit.
James McAvoy: A little bit. On Tuesdays.
примерный перевод:
Джеймс МакЭвой: Я думаю, что, гм, сексуальность его персонажа выражается так ярко
Майкл Фассбендер: Спасибо.
Джеймс МакЭвой: Не то чтобы я попадаю под его чары
Майкл Фассбендер: немного.
Джеймс МакЭвой: немного. По вторникам
В данном видеоуроке вы узнаете, как превратить обычные видеоролики в интерактивный видео-контент на примере создания небольшого промо-видео для митапа с помощью сервиса mozilla Popcorn Maker (https://popcorn.webmaker.org/)
Ссылка на созданный видеоролик в процессе видеоурока - http://nitsa.co/video-test/
Showing you how to make a miniature tub of movie popcorn, ICEE's (Strawberry & Blue Raspberry), Nachos, and candy (Mike & Ikes, and Milk Duds) with polymer clay.

TEMPLATES: http://toniellison.blogspot.com/2014/01/movie-theater-snacks-how-to-make.html

The candy boxes were empty, so all you have to do is print them out, and glue the boxes closed.

I N S T A G R A M: http://instagram.com/toniellison#
F A C E B O O K: https://facebook.com/TEEllison
T W I T T E R: https://twitter.com/
D-First vs Popcorn (win) Popping 1vs1 1/4F
18-19 October 2013 | ADRENALINE FEST VOL.5 - Funkin' Stylez Eastern Europe (qualifier)
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This video is a collaboration!
The third annual collab.
As you hopefully already realize these collabs are closed and do not feel bad if you weren't invited. I have usually given priority to those who have already participated in a past collab.
Also FYI you should know what to expect at the end prepare accordingly.
1.Me: I decided to source games that I have played mostly within a year period. I play smash at all times though.I am mostly satisfied with my part overall but I
Brittany walks you through the popcorn stitch flower pattern available for free on her blog. Follow this link for the free pattern:

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World -- Exclusive Presentation + Q&A with Tom Hiddleston LIVE on stage. Tuesday October 8, 2013, Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney.
18-19 October 2013 | ADRENALINE FEST VOL.5 - Funkin' Stylez Eastern Europe (qualifier)
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Браслет "Poncorn" от Rainbow loom
Набор Rainbow loom можно приобрести на сайте rainbowloombands.ru

popcorn crew <3 люблю вас девочкииии)))<br/><br/>
Popcorn - Hot Butter played on floppy drives
enjoy popcorn on 13 floppy disk drives.
Check my channel for more ;)

can not be longer because my 12gb ramdisk was full...
by request: just because movies are better with popcorn :o)
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Popcorn Sutton makes moonshine in the documentary The Last One from Sucker Punch Pictures. The film is available on DVD at http://www.suckerpunchpictures.com
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POPCORN CUPCAKES! Easy how to tutorial by Charli's crafty kitchen

You will need:

Free Printable from our Facebook page in the "Templates" folder https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.674455182581671.1073741825.555609551132902&type=1&l=e03fd1b839

Cocoa powder (1/2 - 1 teaspoon)

Water (2 table spoons)

Mini marshmallows (white only)


Vanilla Icing/frosting

Yellow sanding sugar or yellow sprinkles



Мишон, барабанщик группы MULTIPASS.
Mishon, MULTIPASS drummer.


Записано на City Studio, г. Ижевск.