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'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' is the mesmerizing story of Lord Shiva and his different avatars. When Sati immolates herself to avenge Mahadev's disrespect, Adi-Shakti returns in the form of Devi Parvati to unite with Shiva. Witness Shiva, the most powerful God within the Hindu culture, as a sansarik or householder in this epic saga - 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' at 8PM Mon-Fri, only on Life OK.

Victory Road 2012: Devon vs. Robbie E for the TNA Television Title

Read more @ Hands-on with a late stage Tread 1 motorized wrist watch prototype from Devon. Look at those belts move! Final version will have refinement and cosmetic changes.

Read about the different versions of this watch and everything we've written about the brand here:

Информационно-интерактивный портал о боксе.
Video content created for the 2012 Baselworld Trade Show in Switzerland. A John Boros Production in Association with Vizidef Display Technology.
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One of the practice matches at Devons arm camp in Sweden 2012.

Devon Larratt and Krasimir Kostadinov - Practice

Date: 13.01.2011
Place:Instanbul, Turkey

[club31691676|История Господа Шивы. Часть 1] (на русском языке)

Прекрасная сага, снятая по мотивам священных писаний Индии. Полная глубины, очень драматичная, поучительная и возвышенная. Наслаждайтесь!

#Веды #индия #shiva #шива #кришна #vedalife #ведалайф
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Devon ke Dev Mahadev(KAILASANATHAN in Asianet) is a TV serial on Life OK and its Malayalm version is broadcasted on the famous malayalam channel Asianet at 10pm from monday to Friday. The serial Devon ke Dev Mahadev is about Lord Shiva, the most powerful God in the Hindu culture. In Devon ke Dev Mahadev Sati is a devotee of Lord Shiva. She worship Lord Shiva against the wishes of her father in Devon ke Dev Mahadev.
Tere Naina was a song request by my dear friend Hema !!
Hemas love for Mohit-Mouni is inspiring !!
so this vid is dedicated to Mohit, Mouni, Hema and all other MnM fans !!
Hope u like the VM ... specially Hema :D
Follow the biggest Mohit Raina fanclub on twitter: Mohit_FC
Official "If Eyes Could Speak" Music Video. Shot by Mikul Photography, thanks for everything Mikul. Starring Me, My Taylor Guitar, and The Beautiful Molly McCook.<br/><br/>
A short acoustic set that Hawkwinds Dave Brock & Huw Lloyd Langton played at Connaught gardens in Sidmouth Devon, inc Arrival in Utopia & Hurry on Sundown
in aid of local students and the air ambulance service 8th August 2012.

Sorry for the odd voice picked up on sound.
Специально для группы В Контакте Хижі птахи/Хищные птицы Украины(Соколиная Охота)
More at the watch review site

This is the limited edition Steampunk version of the Devon Tread 1. The Steampunk model has a new case style with bronze elements, screws, and rivets. Very cool and a new steampunk look as compared to the ultra modern original Tread 1 model.

The piece has a special exclusive electronic mechanical movement with uses belts driven by small motors to tell the time. The battery lasts about 2-3 weeks and this model indicates the hours, minut
High hooker practice is never off. Grippler stops by for a quick afternoon session and some hard pulling happens. This is a very standard type of training session between advanced armwrestlers. Beginner armwrestlers should have caution at this intensity or match replication.

Bubba Ray Dudley turns his back on his little brother Spike to join forces with D-Von.

_ _ _ - AWW (Весь Мировой Рестлинг)
Лакшми Деви вышла из пены молочного океана и оглядела присутствующих. В её руках появился венок, который Она должна была водрузить на шею своего избранника.("выйти под венец" - обмен венками у ариев во время "вивахи" -свадебной церемонии) Избранника, который не хотел бы благословений Её могущества, который был бы равнодушен к Её дарам. Шри Лакшми Деви. "Шри" это блеск этого мира. Блеск богатства, успеха, силы, славы, власти, секса... Нет равнодушных к дарам Шри Лакшми Деви. Она мысленно увидела обитателей

Random Walk is a fast paced thriller about two upwardly mobile friends who get caught up in a whirlwind of girls, gangsters and guns.

Production Co: Boundary Bay Entertainment Inc. (
director: Lux
producer: Alfonso Quijada, Gabriel Napora
executive prod: Thomas E. Mills
writer: Alfonso Quijada
cast: Devon Sawa, Alfonso Quijada, Bishop Brigante, Serinda Swan, Teagan Vincze, Eliza King, Mashia Vaughn

Devon Larratt came to Berlin and pulls vs the german Armwrestlers.
It was a great day, he's very smart, powerful and a very special representative for this sport.

142 019
ARM WARS "ACID REIGN" July 2011<br/><br/>
In episode 431 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, aired on 25th June 2013, Ganesha kills Narantak

Mahadev becomes upset on learning that Ravana is using the powers for his own benefit. Meanwhile, Ganesha saves the girls from Demon Narantak, and kills him. The girls pay their gratitude towards him. Ravana troubles the mankind. He becomes happy on seeing Mahadev in Lanka. Mahadev tries to convince him not to hurt people, but in vain. He enlightens Ravana about being a true devotee. Ravana spreads greed among
Will.I.Am - Bang Bang | Choreography by Devon Perri

Dancers: Mona Berntsen, Ragon Miller, Taeko McCarroll, Benedicte Castillo, Devin Jamieson, Maho Udo, Mykell Wilson, Devon Perri
Watch Full Episode at
Affiliation : Devon ke Dev Mahadev , Life OK, Star India.
Sonarika Bhadoria as Adi Shakti Goddess Durga, Goddess Kali and Goddess Parvati and Mohit Raina as Mahadev (Shiv).
Episode of 9th and 10th September
Sonarika's Fans are requested to like this page on FB
Watch the first part of the episode at
At the time of the conjunction of two seasons, Vritrasura, the most audacious fighter of the demons comes out of his penance and causes a heavy storm. Madanike is petrified losing Sati and regrets taking her to the Rangaraj. But, the most magical moment arrives amidst the worst of the gusty weather when Mahadev, himself comes to protect Sati from Vritrasura. Mahadev's aura mesmerizes Sati. Rishi Dadhichi and the sculptor community are swept over by Lord Shiva's power.<br/><br/>
Clips from my outdoor sessions of 2011
Dan's Comp has officially added Devon Smillie to their already stacked team. Watch as Devon kills spots around his Georgia hometown to celebrate his new gig. If you somehow didn't already know, Devon is ridiculously good.
This is a little video with the interviews recorded by Ruben Jay with the stars Devon Werkheiser, Gia Mantegna, Drake Bell and Kait Weston on Jan 27th Lights Camera Cure special's red carpet.

Devon and Gia's interview @ 0:59
Drake Bell interview @ 3:01
Kait Weston interview @ 4:45

In episode 406 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, aired on 23rd May 2013, Yamraj orders Mrityu Devi to kill Kartikey

Kartikey starts the battle with demons. Yamraj orders Mrityu Devi to kill Kartikey. Kartikey warns Mrityu Devi to stay away from him, but in vain. Ganesha tries to distract Mahadev from his Samadhi. Shukracharya decides to leave Jalandhar and tells him that he has broken his promise. Jalandhar tries to convince him, but in vain. He apologises to Shukracharya for his misdeeds. Ganesha informs
Самые лучшие матчи Джеффа Харди только у нас в группе - :)
Two of the most beautiful ladies on the face of the planet in the same film. What could go wrong? Paul Walker among other things. So i thought i would knock this collection of great cinematography together to as a tribute to the two amazing women.

The song is "cus i can" - Pink

Comments welcome

Shailene Woodley - 29th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards Arrivals in Santa Monica, Ca USA March 1, 2014

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Чудо произошло. Боги (по пуранам: 33 миллиона Дэвов) и демоны (несметно) забыв о вражде собрались на берегу океана, чтобы совместными усилиями выполнить грандиозную задачу - пахтание молочного океана для получения амриты - напитка дающего бессмертие. ("Пахтать" значит: при помощи вращения верёвкой мутовки, представляющей из себя специальную палку, взбивать молоко в емкости, до образования масла. Ручной миксер:
The Date is : June 2, 2012 -
In this epic battle of the titans - we find ruling champion Devon Larratt defending his tittle vs US mega monster Tim Bresnan. Footage filmed live at the Toronto pro super show iron man armwrestling championship - Opening super match to the right hand open class.

Music: Training Montage - Vince Di Cola / War - Vince Di Cola - Rocky 4 - All rights to the respective artist and record label.

"На кого ты медитируешь, о Господь всех полубогов?"... Отрывок из сериала "Господь полубогов Махадев" ~ Devon Ke Dev Mahadev...
Мы не ценим, то что имеем и хотим то, что есть у других. Это причина нескончаемой войны всех со всеми. Но даже от беды бывает благо. Впервые за многие годы нескончаемая вражда между богами и демонами может закончится. Только сообща они способны ответить на вызов настоящего.
Деви Парвати ясно видит, что Её муж готов совершить самую великую жертву в истории, ради блага вселенной. Страдания, легче выдержать самому, чем видить, как тот, кто дороже всего на свете, жертвует собой. Страстные желания веду

Rishi Dadhichi and Markandeya render Maha Mrityunjay Mantra. Markandeya enlightens Dadhichi about Mahadev's transformation into a human form and his desperation for Sati's tragedy. Nandi is tormented to see Mahadev's grief and wants to make him understand about Sati's power. Tarakasur intends to attack on deities. Devi Lakshmi awakes Lord Vishnu to protect the universe from Tarakasur's attack. However, Lord Vishnu predicts about Aadi Shakti's existence in Mahadev.
Devon Larratt's practice with the DAWT (Destroyer's armwrestling team). After 3 hours of pulling 50 guys / 50 times on each arms some of the heaviest / strongest machines got 2 victories on Devon (that's why you see some guys bring the champ to the pad, they are a lot fresher than No Limit)
this is my 1st vm on mahadev n parvati...this video is made from youtube videos...

Devon Bostick dishes on everything Jasper. Don't miss The 100 series premiere TOMORROW at 9/8c!


Ninety-seven years ago, nuclear Armageddon decimated planet Earth, destroying civilization. The only survivors were the 400 inhabitants of 12 international space stations. Resources are running out on their dying "Ark" - the 12 stations now linked. Draconian measures are the order of the day, includ
Devon Larratt - ArmWrestling Challenge at FitX 2014
короче бухой ебать был запилил это говно ебать
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UAL IV Supermatch
Best of 5

Devon Larratt
Age: 38
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 262 lbs
Current Number 1 in the world Left Handed

Oleg Zhokh
Age: 20
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 165lbs
Current Number 1 in the world Left hand 80kg
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Loro Piana Rhythmical... the bombshell-in-red!

This Russian-bred cavalry horse was once traded for 150 washing machines-- who knew he'd go on to become one of the most famous horses on the AGA Grand Prix showjumping scene!

Here, he's seen at the Budweiser Grand Prix of Devon, putting in the first clear (not to mention fastest) round of the event, and later blasting through the jumpoff.

Unfortunately, he pulled at late rail, allowing Nicole Simpson and El Campeon's JoJo to sneak
Devon Larratt and Krasimir Kostadinov - Practice

Date: 13.01.2011
Place:Instanbul, Turkey
FROM DEVON. Neil said the vid is good to go!<br/><br/>
Serial: Shivam (Devon Ke Dev Mahadev). Music: Sandeep Mukherjee / Karthik / Bawra Bros. Singers: Director: Nikhil Sinha & Manish Singh. Video Created By: M.V.Raj Kumar...!

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Наша команда - Bang Bang - Choreography by Devon Perri
Check out Devon's channel!! -

I had the pleasure of working with Devon Perri and a group of very talented professional dancers on this project. When Devon came to me with the concept and told me who would be dancing it, I was immediately on board and ready to make this happen for him. The shoot went smoothly and it was fun to edit this video together since pretty much every take was super clean and each dancer's perf
@wezma - INSTAGRAM

@devonbraz - INSTAGRAM

What can I say its been a great time filming for this guy, even greater for him to be back riding again, literally kills the scene of park, this video was filmed in the period of 3 months . NO SPONSORS so if you have a spot to fill heres your man ..

B.I.G. Flume
Song - Juicy Insane -

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Devon Larratt & John Brzenk practicing at the Vancouver ArmWrestling Club (Feb.21 2010)
(filmed by Anthony Dall'Antonia)