Gemini - Blue (Official Video HD)

Track: Beauty of Girls Lev Garibyan -- Gemini Blue

Video: Beauty of Girls by Lev Garibyan
The original by Drake and the Weeknd is one of my all time favourite songs, and Gemini does this more than justice with his dark and twisted cover. Incredible vibes, you can download this for free on his soundcloud, what on earth are you waiting for?

Big up Gemini!

- Tom

Gemini Syndrome on Tour w/ Device
Date: 5/07/13
Второй квартирник)
Available to buy now:

'House, Acid, Techno Disco' -- a genre switch up that is completely unclassified, hence the name. Strobed, electric pulses lace the track with drama and an end-of-days vibe that will cause serious impact on the floor.

Released today on the Graduation EP on Inspected.


Inspector Dubplate:

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Show Me What You Got


30th November, A38 Budapest
Music; Hot Glue by Neonlight & Mefjus (released on Eatbrain)

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Оператор – Ирина Жвания
Монтаж видео – Анна Громченко
Сведение аудио – Макс Щербаков

В кадре:
Макс Щербаков – гитара, семплы
Слава Майоров – ударные
Сергей Безручко – бас
Миша Бручеев – труба
Леша Минеев – сакс
Horrorcore | wicked shit | Rap
Первая группа Вконтакте о репере Sage The Gemini
Composed by Nathan Allen Pinard.


The Trans Agulhas 2013/14 experience of Team Russia, sponsored by "Gemini".
Stardust with guest shenanigans from Jeremy Spencer and Chris from Five Finger Death Punch.<br/><br/>
Mushroomhead-Becoming Cold w/Aaron Nordstorm(Gemini Syndrome)@ Capone's
Johnson City,Tn 3/6/13 Amy Dean Trent<br/><br/>
Event: Locking Up 2012
Dates: 23, 24, 25 of November
Location: Moscow
Host: Vovan Gudym
Judge: P-Lock (France), OG Skeeter Rabbit (US), Jin (Hilty & Bosch, Japan)
Battles Guests: Gemini (France), Hurrikane (US), Yu (Hilty & Bosch, Japan)
DJ: DJ Green
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парень в сером vk парень в цветном )) vk

Explosions original is out now:
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Ellie Goulding - Explosions (Gemini Remix) is a forthcoming Polydor release.

Watch the video for the new Gemini Syndrome track "Pleasure and Pain" - download it now for FREE at

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Lathan Crowe's EPIC review of "Darker than Black" Season 2「レビュー(スポイラーなし)」. Show your support for more reviews & subscribe! "Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini"「流星の双子 (ジェミニ)」(Gemini of the Meteor) is an anime television series, created, directed & written by Tensai Okamura & animated by Bones Animation Studio in association with Aniplex. It is a sequel to "Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha" 「黒の契約者」& chronologically follows the events that take place after Season 1 & the 4 OVA episodes. Licensed by Mang
Live visuals of Gemini Syndrome performing "Stardust".

Gemini Syndrome - Raleigh N.C. 2/24/13 at Lincoln Theatre
Eureka High Senior Talent Night
Vocals: Mike Patton
Bass: Trevor Dunn
Drums: Kevin Lee McBride
Guitar: Brett Davis
Guitar: Earl McBride

Gemini Syndrome singing "Pleasure and Pain" at Route 20 Outhouse in Sturtevant, Wisconsin on 1/204/13<br/><br/>
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"Gemini" Clubland (1999) Jimmy Tuckett
Learn more about "That Chick" DJ Reese and the CDMP-7000 at

Gemini Artist "That Chick" DJ Reese stops by for a quick interview and performs on the CDMP-7000 all-in-one media controller.

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Дилан: Кто ты?
Тренс: Я аватара Солнца, звезды. Все из одного, все из меня. Вы элементы солнца. Создав вас я могу уничтожить вас. Уничтожив вас - смогу воссоздать.
Дилан: Веди меня, аватара.
Тренс: Ты должен знать где мы будем, пути нет. Я все силы и я существую во всех системах одновременно. То, что уничтожит вас здесь, соберет в другом месте. Готов пожертвовать всем?
Дилан: Жертва бледнеет перед тем, что мы получим
Тренс: Доверяешь разрушить тебя?
Дилан: Да, и воссоздать.
Тренс: Узри чудеса Вселенной.
Taken from the album "GEMINI"

Catalog#: SRRCD005
Released: 2013, December 12
Label: Space Race Records / EKP
Barcode 8051773120411


Directed, shot and edited by Gildrome productions
Garmo Mandica Director/Regista
Michele Lonetti Cinematographer/Direttore fotografia
Vittoria Lonetti Assistant Director/Aiuto regista
Simona Amasino Stage
I hope you enjoy listening!

"My Beautiful Trance Girls" ( Carol Seleme ) [HD Video]

This video is intended only for listening. "We Love Trance" The team used music Gemini's Edge - Save You (Sam Stroke And Isaac Fisherman Remix) . We do not get any money for it. All work undertaken for the sake of pleasure. Trance - music for which we live. Thanks to all who are with us!
Video of the chapter ("My Beautiful Trans Girls" Carol Seleme) wa

---LINE UP---

GEMINI (Inspected Records /UK)
FAR TOO LOUD (Funkatech, U&A, Mau5trap /UK)
LUDMILLA (Ayra, Perfecto Rec.)
PALOTAI (Rewind)
DUBLIC (Future Music)



✖ Dátum / Date : 2012.12.15. Szombat/Saturday
✖ Kezdés / Start : 23:00
✖ Helyszín / Venue: A38
✖ Belépő / Tickets:

Elővételben / In advance: 1900 Huf

just a quick mix of me mixing on the gemini cdmp 6000<br/><br/>
From the "Gas Pedal EP" Available now on iTunes!
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Music video by Sage The Gemini performing Red Nose. 2013 Triple Vision Music Group
Спорт. Велосипед. Фитнес... your life

Me and my girlfriend, guinan, doing the red nose. Comment, like, subscribe please.
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guinan: @p_swiggles
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To celebrate our 13th update for Starpoint Gemini 2, we're releasing a new trailer. This shows off a combination of in-game footage and a small portion of pre-rendered scenes from the campaign intro.
Join the discussion about Starpoint Gemini 2 on the forum:
I Love Games -
Having a blast back stage for my birthday thx to my favorite station Rock 94 1/2 Spokane's Best Rock! Gemini Syndrome @ Rock Hard At The Park 2013 in Post Falls, Id. Best part Lzzy Hale was only 5 feet over to my right supporting Gemini as well! Video by:Twisted Star.<br/><br/>

Free Download:)


Чистил комп, нашел старую запись. Когда записал подумал получилось так себе. Сегодня послушал, решил выложить)))
Просто импровизация под парочку аккордов.

Gemini @ Royale Boston during a snowstorm!
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"I love you! No matter what happens . . . it's the best choice I ever made."

Hello lovelies!

I made this Kelena video. It might be my last video because of some reason I will not talk about. I haven't decided yet, but I will think about it in the future days.

Hopefully you like the video too!

I find this ship quite interesting and complicated. The video is AU an
Tennen gemini - dear big sister
Вокал - Chihiro Aihara/Chihiro Kannami
Текст - Fancymat
Аранжировка - 24 Bit Lolitas
Альбом -Touhou koushin kanmi

kokoro no naka hisomu wa mou hitori no watashi no keshin (you know?)
tozasareta sekai fuwafuwa to uiteru dake no jibun

mawari ni wa so musuu no shitai mishiranu gendou nayamu
kioku no naka ni aru no wa hibiku himei ga sore saemo utsuru na kuukan

mukashi no koto kirawareteita shimai ga futari ita (to cry)
sono uch
New "Let Her Go" (Remix) by @its99Percent feat. @THArealVNASTY @SageTheGemini!
Download Link:
99% - Let Her Go (Remix) ft. V-Nasty Sage The Gemini [Prod. by @MarkGeeBeats]

99% 99 Percent Sage The Gemini Black Money V-Nasty V Nasty Gotta Ball Summertime Pour It Up Remix Go Hard Freestyle Y'all Hear That White Girl Mob Lil Debbie Quick Fast Let's Get Faded Gucci Mane Baytl Andy Milanokis Riff Raff Michelle Obama 2 Cups Squirt Million Dollar Afro Swerve Do It Big Bad L
New Dev "Kiss It" featuring Sage The Gemini Produced by Hitboy. Flip book by Griffo (
Enter Flipbook contest NOW through 12/23 to win:

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Видео предоставлено группой
"Клипы по аниме[AMV] / серии по аниме"

Editor - S H E E N
Iamsu! - Only That Real feat. 2 Chainz & Sage The Gemini

Sincerely Yours drops May 13th, 2014
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OFFICIAL VK GROUP - - Официальная группа о Крисе!Присоединяйтесь к нам!
Video & Edit - Andrey Boyko Creative

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Valeri Volkov -

Hope U Like it!! And Happy new year!!
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HoN:Daily Dose [playlist]

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The GMX Pro is a budget USB/software controller from Gemini. Here David from Gemini talks us through its core features.

For our full NAMM 2013 coverage, go here:

Locking4Life present Gemini "Lock Rock" in New York,
an original "Locking Flavor" created and developed by Gemini...

LockRock : Locking with a Rocking flavor

Directed, Edited by Priska & Gemini

Check Out the Official Facebook Page :

Track : Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - The Creator<br/><br/>

Music: Gemini - Blue
Video: Beauty of Girls by Lev Garibyan

Hope you enjoy :P

Спорт | Уличные драки | UFC | Бокс | M-1 | MMA
Hi all! I make 2 masks because I love Gray/Gemini and Gray but this time I make only Gray/Gemini! If you want, you can take my masks! No problem!
Anime Fairy Tail!
Watch the official music video for Gemini Syndrome's "Basement" from their upcoming album. Download the track now at


Download other tracks by Gemini Syndrome:
"Left of Me" -
"Pleasure and Pain" -

Learn more about Gemini Club at
Music video for the song "Sparklers" by Chicago based indie-dance four piece Gemini Club --directed by visual & street artist Brain Killer and produced by Red Bull Sound Select.

"Sparklers" is available as a free MP3 download here:
For more on Gemini Club visit:

Tour Dates
Aug 30 - Chicago, IL - No
Event: Locking Up 2012
Dates: 23, 24, 25 of November
Location: Moscow
Host: Vovan Gudym
Judge: P-Lock (France), OG Skeeter Rabbit (US), Jin (Hilty & Bosch, Japan)
Battles Guests: Gemini (France), Hurrikane (US), Yu (Hilty & Bosch, Japan)
DJ: DJ Green
Facebook Event page:

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Sizzling Dancehall Rnb #New World Music.Shot & Editted In Kingston Jamaica By, Xtreme Arts. Featuring The Silky Vocals Of Jamaican Based Artist... D'Vercity,Taken From The Life Ep ProD By Steven Gemini .Out Soon #NWENT #BOUNDBYMUSIC .@dvercity @Geminimusicboss #Mad Settings ...
Four of Lana Del Rey's Official Music Videos edited into a Music Video for the Gemini Born to Die Dubstep Remix.

Hope you all enjoy!

Gemini killed the Remix!

Trailer to a feature film we produced this year:

Event: Locking Up 2012
Dates: 23, 24, 25 of November
Location: Moscow
Host: Vovan Gudym
Judge: P-Lock (France), OG Skeeter Rabbit (US), Jin (Hilty Bosch, Japan)
Battles Guests: Gemini (France), Hurrikane (US), Yu (Hilty Bosch, Japan)
DJ: DJ Green
Facebook Event page:

Make sure you dont miss out on future footage:
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