Sexy Dance
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Created by Ani Jo. Antalya 2012 - Song: Tarkan and DJ Erhan Ugurlu.
Liquid Motion performs a duet routine at Great Midwest Pole Dance Convention in Tinley Park, IL to "Single". Performers: Jeni Janover (Liquid Motion Founder) and Danielle Mayzes (Liquid Motion Instructor).
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Пухх Sexy Алкоголик
Пародия на Всякий такой клубный денс!!
*[Yoseop had to leave early because the other schedule!]*

Almeda Abazi 2008 Miss Globe Dünya Güzeli. Bu zamana kadar seçilenlerin arasında en genci. Acun tarafından tüm organizasyonların değişmez parçası olarak yola devam ediyor. Survivor da izliyoruz kendisini son günlerde.
Miku doing a hawt pole dance because she can~
Motion: ttp://
Model is a TDA Miku edit with ruca Miku base
sexy girl dance
Max Frolov produсtion
music: Skrillex - Right In
Model: AFFI
camera: GoPro Black Edition+
Sexy Jazz Classes in FREEWAY DANCE CENTRE (Kiev, Ukraine)
Choreography: Maria Kusa (Мария Куса)
Dancers: Maria Kusa (Мария Куса), Anna Sharan (Анна Шаран), Maria Kolotun (Мария Колотун), Vlada Antsybor (Влада Антцибор), Yulia Serkova (Юля Серкова)

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When you have a daughter who is this hot you may just have to accept the fact that her calling in life is to dance for men on the web or in clubs. But that doesnt make it any easier when you catch her in the act.
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Los chicos bailando "Sexy and I know it" en el show de Alan Carr el 28/09/12


"SimSimTaPa" is a famous Korean radio program of MBC, started since 2005.
Its MC is Shin Dong of Super Junior who is idol dancing group from Korea.
The name SimSimTapa can be translated to "Breaking the Boredom" in Korean.

Now you can also "WATCH" the Radio (not just listen to it).
We offer you this "Visible Radio" here at this MBC K-POP channel!

In addition, you can listen to MBC Radio easily by downloading "miniMBC"
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✖ Корея окрыля-я-е-т! ✖
Priyanka Chopra teaches Katie Van Buren some Indian dance moves from the music video for "Exotic" ft. Pitbull.
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Miss Arab Sexy Arabian Dance HOT<br/><br/>
BEAUTIFUL girl (Diosa Canales) dancing bailando samba mmmm
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sexy toned boy gay guy with tan and black hair dancing to PSY Gentalman cover.

Chiêu Sinh Kpop Dance . Liên hệ chi tiết qua facebook :
*** (Dance Class)
Mua Quần Áo :
Fanpage :
*** (Fanpage)
Perfect Zouk Dance
Zouk & Kizomba best Dance ever
Sexy Girl dance on so song DIE ANTWOORD - I FINK U FREEKY (Ukraine/KazanTip)

OMG...Sungmin is gorgeous...
Credits : TamaaRrtjee

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Pretty Kitty Productions Inc. presents Dancer: Cherry showing her talents on the "Pole" to the ROCK SONG "BLOODY ROSE" by Diary of an Outlaw. Candy and crew work for DEJA VU ent. in Las Vegas, NV. The original Video can be found on the DEJA VU INT'L website. The Production was in Cooperation with PKP ENT, DEJA VU ENT. and Angel Synn of Diary of an Outlaw. Thank you for watching and enjoy.

Hey guys the reality circus is back with the latest reality buzz! Bollywood's hot and happening stars Varun Dhawan and Ileana D'cruz came on the sets of Dance India Dance Little Masters 3 to promote their upcoming Bollywood romantic action-comedy Main Tera Hero.

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2pm | official community

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Sawah - سواح - Nataly Hay Sexy Belly Dance رقص شرقي
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Прекрасный танец я заметил, проходя мимо ... :DD

Арсений Хорунжий. Танцуют все 6 !!!<br/><br/>
Sexy Girl Electronic Music Dubstep Pole Dance

Record Label: Objectified Records
Mourinho attended the night program is watched by a dancing girl. Mourinho has tried not to look but in the end can not stand her. Here he displays ..

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2014/03/01 Infinite One Great Step Returns - Sexy MASA
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EXCLUSIVE Park Shin Hye video (1080p HD)! She danced to Sistar's Alone, Hyuna's Bubble Pop and Girls' Generations' Genie during her Kiss of Angel Asia Tour Manila fan meeting!!! And she's soooo good! ^^ I had the awesome opportunity to host this event and trust me, she really is an angel oncam and offcam! Enjoy the video (shot by Jimmy Kim)~

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У [id96612547|Него] еще много чего есть интересного ^..^
by JEN2Y
Lady style by Vero.All Stars Dance Centre
music:Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back
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Расписание групп Vero
"The Voice" coach does a sultry shimmy on the show. Watch now.

Ссылка на группу ) только у нас такие горячие девушки подписывайся быстрее ! )
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Sexy Girls Hot Dance Compilation # 35 (Bonus: Beyonce dance twerk):
Ice fail compilation 2014 / Лучшие приколы на льду 2014:
Sexy Girls Vine Compilation # 34 (Best epic funny vines videos 2013 - 2014):
Best Epic Vine o
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Красивая девушка танцует перед веб камерой!
Decided to dance lit bit - no tricks on the pole..;)
Andressa Soares / Mulher Melancia
Brazilian Bikini Booty Dance Contest | Sexy Super Bowl Mulher Melancia dançando de biquini

Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance of Brazilian origin in 2/4 time danced under the Samba music. However, there are three steps to every bar, making the Samba feel like a 3/4 timed dance. Its origins include the Maxixe
The Samba music rhythm has been danced in Brazil since its inception in the late 19th century. There is actually a set of dances, rather than a single dance, that define the Samba dancing sc
Happy to be one of the leaders of Bring Sexy Back to Pole Dancing Week.... Dancing this way is an art form that takes just as much practice as tricks.

def SEXY FLEXY: To make the most refined fluid extended movement possible.

Thank ALL you ladies who posted this week!!! xoxo Alethea

Music is : Coeur De Pirate - Wicked Games Dubstep Mix
Emma Watson - Sexy Tongue Dancing Clip (1 Hour Loop Version)

From the trailer, The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola.

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Very easy choreo for new group sexy style<br/><br/>

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Sexy Belly Dance Nataly Hay
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