Bag End out of 2600 balloons? Indeed! Over forty hours of build time and our living room moved a few steps closer to the Shire. This is a five minute long time lapse of the whole process.

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Я принимала участие в этом замечательном мероприятии: 75 участников из 9 разных стран, 4 дня работы, более 50000 шаров, высота скульптуры - 5-этажное здание.
The Balloon Song is designed to help toddlers, young children, and older kids who are non-native speakers learn the basic colors. I hope you enjoy the video!

Performed by L.B.G.B. (The Little Blue Globe Band)
Video and music composition by Matthew J. Dorman, PhD
Toddler World TV


Egypt Hot Air Balloon Crash. Moment of ExplosionПричиной катастрофы послужил взрыв одного из газовых баллонов воздушного шара, который произошел, когда один из рабочих пытался на земле закрепить трос, фиксирующий шар. В результате неконтролируемой подачи топлива шар моментально загорелся, взлетел на высоту более трехсот метров, а затем взорвался и упал на поля с сахарным тростником. Находившие на нем люди сгорели заживо.
По словам очевидцев, выжить удалось лишь тем, кто решился выпрыгнуть из корзины горя
Cristiano ronaldo wins golden ball award [Вручение золотого мяча Роналду].
Ирина и Криштиану на вручении золотого мяча.

If you could live life to the fullest each and every day, why wouldn't you? This clip is from the 'Disciple of Gravity: The Johnny Korthuis Story' documentary which explores the life of extreme sports enthusiast Johnny Korthuis, who recently had a brush with death when he BASE jumped from a 485 foot bridge only to have his parachute malfunction. Johnny survived. And this is part of what he's been up to since.

A Deadline Media Production
Как можно сделать красивый бантик на букет из шариков. - Подписывайся
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Balloon Confetti Slow Motion
Created by Rick Lax
hey guys this is my second video soo i make a quick pop video and im sorry for the audio something hapened and i dont know how resolve...
in this time i wanna see you popping balloons for me is not soo i dare you to do videos like me XD
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oi pessoal esse e meu segundo video entao estoureri eles rapidinho . me desculpem pelo audio alguma coisa estranha
These are the first pictures of the British tourists who died today after a hot air balloon exploded in a fireball 1,000ft above the Valley Of The Kings In Egypt.
Joe Bampton, 40, and Yvonne Rennie were among 19 tourists killed today during an early morning flight over the ancient ruins of Luxor when their balloon caught fire and exploded after it hit a power line.
British resident Suzanna Gyetvai, 34, the girlfriend of Mr Bampton, also died in the blaze which killed 19 tourists.
Nine desperate pas
╲┃╭╮╭╮┃╲╲ ЛУЧШИЕ ВИДЕО
Djembe + balloons :)

With new heat seeking capabilities
German amidst nature playing and popping balloons....
Arnold is blown away on a balloon to a candy mountain, so Kipper, Tiger, and Pig try to rescue him.<br/><br/>
Music: Kevin MacLeod – Divertissement (from the ballet Sylvia)
A short preview to my video "Water Balloon Fight Wetlook"
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AVNs 2013. I wasn't on the floor for more than 10 mins and I got approached to be filmed blowing up a balloon until it explodes. My prize? A Vibrator. Yay. Needless to say I just wanted to see if I could do it. And my god did I want a cigarette when I was done. Much thanks to my awesome D.P Alvin.
Learn how to make a polymer clay hot air balloon necklace! Up, up, and away! Let me know if you want more stop motion videos like this one :) They're so fun to make!

♥ Polymer Clay (any light colour & brown)
♥ Straight Ruler (or any thin straight stick of some sort...)
♥ Acrylic Paint (Any 4+ colours you want. I used blue, yellow, pink, and green.)
♥ Eye Pins (2)
♥ Jump Rings (2)
♥ Round-Nosed Pliers (to adjust eye pins)
♥ Paintbrush
♥ Glaze
♥ Necklace Chain
Фигура "Цветочек" из воздушных шаров./Flower of balloons.
Для изготовления понадобятся: два розовых шдм S260, один зеленый S260.

Bambi Blaze finds a huge balloon and gets herself inflated!
Looner porn is a subset of pornography involving balloons and the people who love them. VICE caught up with Grim Looner, a masked, 25-year-old looner porn star from Melbourne, Australia, to help burst any misconceptions we had about one of the most innocuous online fetishes.

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Balloon print is "Дико вкусно" - "Extremely tasty"
Сабля из воздушных шариков. Фигурка сабля из ШДМ ( шаров для моделирования ).

Изготавливается такая фигурка просто - делаете петлю, потом продеваете в петлю оставшийся воздушный шарик.

The joy and bursts make this fun point and striking ....

Фигура "Пчела" из воздушных шаров, не сложная фигура.
Для изготовление я взял: один желтый шдм Q321, один шдм S 160 белый, один S160 черный, один S 260 желтый.

Ваза из шдм с розами.
Я использовал: темно-коричневые, кофейные, темно-зеленые, красные шдм S260. Для груза использовал 12" круглый шар с водой.
Вам пригодились мои видео уроки и у Вас есть желание поблагодарить:
I have enhanced my cleaning Roomba robot with a few lasers and a camera and unleashed it on innocent balloons.

Lasers include Wicked Lasers Arctic 1W, CNI PGL-C 500mW and two violet 405nm lasers 200mW made by LPF member IgorT.

clean up after balloon exhibition
The Balloon Challenge exists of blowing up a (preferably big) balloon until it pops. You have to pop it by inflation only, sharp objects or nails are considered cheating. I think this is an amazing challenge that really puts the nerves of the contestants to the test.
Try it yourself and let's make this challenge as big as the cinnamon challenge! :D

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I do not own any of the videos. For entertainment purpose
Все о Надувном фетише тут

Hii guys in this video i pop some balllons and have some fun here you can see some nail pop and sit pop hope you like add me on faceboock and se my blog
My birthday is this month and to celebrate I have done my party balloon then ... vc and my guest ... purchasing this film, you'll get 30 minutes of pure play and pleasure for only $ 40 so do not just stand there wondering and come to know me better ... Kisses angel
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@dakotacharms gives @sadiekennedy a balloon to pop for the first time! Sadie is so scared she trys bounceing on the balloon to pop it! see her reaction lol
The Balloon Challenge exists of blowing up a (preferably big) balloon until it pops. You have to pop it by inflation only, sharp objects or nails are considered cheating. I think this is an amazing challenge that really puts the nerves of the contestants to the test.
Try it yourself and let's make this challenge as big as the cinnamon challenge! :D

For some reason this is a popular challenge among Dutch YouTubers, so I dedicated an entire episode to them! :)

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Сирень из воздушных шаров. Понадобятся шдм S160 зеленого цвета и шдм S160 сиреневого цвета.
Mehr von Milena findes du auf - Action und Spaß mit Ballons & Aufblasbarem. Wir bieten dir mehr als 60 HD-Videos mit einer durchschnittlichen Dauer von 5 bis 15 Minuten. Außerdem warten ungefähr 6.000 Bilder nur darauf, von dir gesehen zu werden.

Wir garantieren mindestens ein neues Video, inklusive Bilder, alle zwei Wochen.

Werde Mitglied und genieß das Loonen!

The Balloon Challenge exists of blowing up a (preferably big) balloon until it pops. You have to pop it by inflation only, sharp objects or nails are considered cheating. I think this is an amazing challenge that really puts the nerves of the contestants to the test.
Try it yourself and let's make this challenge as big as the cinnamon challenge! :D

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Rude or annoying commen
We met Carter up at Fetish Con in Tampa and asked if she wanted to pop some balloons for us. Watch this preview to see her make these balloons explode outside making a huge loud pop. Go check out the full clip to see her lift her top and show off her piercings only at

Lily Allen - Air Balloon (Official Lyric Video)

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Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex

Зеленая лазерная указка «GREEN-300mW» (яркий луч на 20 км.)
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Доставка по всей России.
Оплата при получении.

Зеленая лазерная указка 300 мВт (300 mw) серии POWER - одна из самых мощных лазерных указок. Благодаря ручной фокусировке, с помощью которой возможно настроить фокус луча на определенное расстояние, указка способна прожигать черный пластик и зажигать спички на больших расстояниях чем указки без фокусировки.
I had this idea for a while to fill a skate bowl with balloons and try to ride through them. It seemed like the chances of it working were slim. I figured they might make your wheels stop. We finally tried it anyways and as you can see from this video we made of Matt Beach, it worked just fine. The popping sounds are not added in. That is the real audio of balloons popping. it took over 3 hours to blow up nearly 8000 balloons using 2 air compressors to get it full enough. location- Department Of Skateboardi
hey guys ii made this video to show my love for my big 18" brazilian balloons the full video have 11 minutes and cost only 6$ if you pay via paypal soo if you want just send me one email to
and let me know if you want a custom video too
From late 1986, here is a Headline News story on 1 1/2 million balloons launched in Cleveland, Ohio!
Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME
Небольшое видео о подготовке и взлете воздушного шара. Деревня Шипово под Уфой, 4 января 2014. Температура воздуха -25 С, ветер слабый, от 1 до 3 м/с. Для коптера это, похоже, нижняя температурная граница.

A short video about the preparation and take-off of the hot air balloon. Shipovo village near Ufa, January 4, 2014. Air temperature -25 C, the wind is weak, from 1 to 3 m / s. For copter it seems the lower temperature limit.

Небольшая зарисовка от Евгения Береснева ( с фотосессии фотографа Евгении Литовченко (, при участии модели Море Внутри (
Credit: Everydayeol
[Take out with full credit]
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Balloons (video)

Эксклюзивное предложение от сети магазинов игрушек FUNtastik:


Mercilessly stepping on balloons, more deep down she is a good person ....
This is gameplay video of Crush Balloons android game:
Когда то летом 2011. Место полета с пригорода г. Новомосковска (р-н г. Марьяновская, трасса Старохарьковская) всего около 40 мин., приземление - поле у западно-северной части черты города - массива Кулебовка. Высота 260 м.
Значимые, но короткие игры - Balloon Fight (Битва на Воздушных Шарах)
Страничка ВК:
Ссылка на эмулятор (NES) и игру:[!].nes
Official Chanel
ВНИМАНИЕ:мой канал для порядочных: за мат, сокращенный или видоизмененный мат, за оскорбления и "тролинг" - БУДУ БАНИТЬ!

Все мы знаем, что произойдет, если проткнуть воздушный шар чем-нибудь острым, - он лопнет!
Но вы можете показать простой трюк: вы прокалываете воздушный шарик острыми палочками, а он остается целым.

Удиви близких и друзей первого сентября или на любой праздник где присутствуют воздушные шарики!

We know the stars of the WTA are champion tennis players. But how good are they at throwing water balloons? Off of a roof? We found out.
Цветок из шаров роза малая. flower rose
Простая роза из 160 ШДМ.

Бесплатные онлайн курсы по воздушным шарам: - подписаться на мой канал